Bachelorette party is not boring!

Have you thought about bachelorette party yet? It must be the best day of your life surely! If you have the best friends around you, which who do you want to spend you last days before your wedding, boldly do it! Just enjoy your best bachelorette party! The program is really diverse. It is not only about drinking, dancing on the table, enjoy stripper etc. You can experience much more and you you will never forget this day!

garden party

In Cartagena, Columbia you will experience really great times and enjoy a lot of progammes! You can decide if you want a more private bachelorette party or not. If you do, you can experience unforgettable party on island and beaches, which are beautiful and diverse here! You can be accommodated in beautiful villas and mansions. And what about trip on yacht for a day and enjoy there the best party? It is not only dream, you can really experience this enjoyment of a life time! You can also enjoy island tours, snorkeling, scuba diving, mud volcanos, shopping etc. Bachelorette themes offer so many possibilities. The atmosphere there is really amazing, see for yourself! If you don`t want to arrange anything yourself, just let us everything to organize! All you have to do is send to us a message and we everything manage.


It is definitely great to stay in the historic city center, where you can be accomodated! There is everything near to you, you will to have shops, parties, trips and much more around you. You can even rent the whole island to yourself! Restaurants are plenty with great food – sea food, sushi, pizza and more really tasty foods! The city is full of excellent clubs too! Your concierge will recommend to you only the best places in the city! Are you still thinking about what will you do on you bachelorette party? I think your choice is already clear! If you want to enjoy the best bachelorette party in your life, send us a message and looking forward to luxury times and experiences!