Do you like shooting?

There are people who are afraid of shooting. For example, because of the wounds that come with it, for example, because we usually know how dangerous such shooting can be, and logically we do not care about any, even hypothetical, threat. And surely those who have had to flee from their homes immediately before him, who were really endangered by shooting for life or health, are most afraid of such shooting.

But there are also people for whom shooting is fun. Even small children sometimes play soldiers or gendarmes and bandits, and some people like shooting even in adulthood, when they are no longer just a piece of a stick as an imitation of a firearm.

voják se zbraní

But many adults who enjoy shooting do not have their own gun or even guns. On the one hand, such weapons are expensive, on the other hand, some are not intended for civilians at all, and on the other hand, they require permits that are not easy to obtain.

And so a lot of people just have to dream about shooting. Or such people have to find a shooting range where they have such weapons and where they can at least lend them to people so that they can at least shoot there safely.

zbraň v písku

And fortunately, shooting in Prague is possible for those interested. Here you can find shooting ranges where they have a lot of interesting weapons that people can try out here. All you have to do is come there and choose from the menu, and thanks to the instructors, Czechs and other Czech or English-speaking people will also enjoy it.

And you can shoot here, for example, if you enjoy it and don`t have your own weapon. This is for everyone who is interested. All you have to do is save money and make an appointment and you can shoot from weapons that you would never have gotten before. Or at least let`s hope you never get their hands on it, there`s no war.